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A Comprehensive Guide on London Hotels, Restaurants and Bars: Things You Must Experience

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

London is a beautiful city, a city that lets me explore so many things. I especially love the bars and hotels of this city because they help me feel relaxed and when I am with my clients, these are the places that let me be who I am. So, I am in love with London.

If you are visiting London alone and looking for a companion to spend some beautiful and romantic moments and create memories that will last for a long time, I can help you with that. I am an independent elite London escort who is quite frank in nature and love to make my clients happy by spending meaningful time with them.

Now, you will be thinking when you come to London, where we can meet? Well, there are many bars and five-star hotels where we can meet and spend a great time together. Apart from that, London is a city where you have so much scope to explore various things with a high-class independent London escort. We can do so many things together. I will explain everything in this post. But before that, here is a guide on London and the places where we can create special memories for each other.

London Bars That I Enjoy Visiting

GŎNG, The shard

When I first went to GŎNG, I was literally mesmerised by the interior of the place. It had Chinese influence and it looked stunning. It is a nice place to hang out with your friends and sip drinks. You can experience a nice romantic evening here with me. Also, we can try their menu which is a mixture of Eastern foods with Western culture.

Eighteen Sky Bar, InterContinental London

The view you will get at the Eighteen Sky Bar is truly unrivalled. This bar sits on the 18th floor and it shows an appalling and romantic view of London. If you want to enjoy a nice and luxurious evening with a gorgeous companion, this will be the place where you should be.

Aviary Rooftop Restaurant & Terrace Bar, London

The charming experience of Aviary Rooftop Restaurant is truly amazing. Dining inside an igloo will be an experience of a lifetime for you here. The drinks they offer are amazing and their European and British cuisine will be awesome. You will struggle to keep track of time when you are here with a gorgeous companion.

Beaufort Bar at The Savoy Hotel, London

You will struggle to find the right words to describe the beauty of Beaufort Bar’s interior. It is truly amazing and I love visiting here. Their menu is called ‘Interpreted Magic’ and you will feel the magic when you get here. Also, the place is famous for champagnes. So, a romantic evening here with an elite independent courtesan will make your day for sure.

Restaurant St Pauls – Madison, London

If you want to enjoy steak and spend quality time with a gorgeous companion, I doubt there can be a better place than Madison. I simply love this place. Its rooftop ambience is amazing and I enjoy it every time I come here. It is such a nice and chilled out place that anyone would enjoy.

London Restaurants That I Enjoy Visiting

The Jurema Terrace, The Mandrake

You would hardly believe that you can get the experience of Amazonian food here in London. But, The Mandrake is giving you such exotic flavours here. I have visited this place quite a few times and their rooftop experience of dining is truly stunning.

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

If you want to dine at a Michelin 3-star French restaurant then, in my opinion, Alain Ducasse will be one of the best options. Their elegant interior just takes dining to a whole new level. I believe it is a perfect place for a romantic dining experience.

The Greenhouse, London

I don’t know why but I have a special inclination towards French food. The Greenhouse is a two Michelin star restaurant where dining with a high-class independent London escort will be an experience of a lifetime. Their gorgeous interior will provide you with a luxury dining experience with delicious French cuisine.

Locanda Locatelli

If you enjoy Italian food, then Locanda Locatelli will be a perfect dining destination for you with an independent elite London escort. Along with Italian, this restaurant serves Mediterranean and European style food. The beautiful garden landscaped décor of this restaurant is truly amazing.


The view outside from SUSHISAMBA is amazing and you can guess from the name of this restaurant, it is a culmination of South American and Asian food. You can find Japanese, Brazilian, or Peruvian foods here. Also, the amazing ambience will give you a luxury dining opportunity with a gorgeous lady.

The Shard

The Shard is a popular viewpoint in the city because you can have a 360-degree view of London from here. Here you will find so many restaurants like Aqua Shard, OBLIX, and many others. You will enjoy a special dining experience here.

The Hotels I Enjoy Staying At

Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London

If you go to the Shard, you will find everything you need to make your stay in London comfortable and memorable. The Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard will give you an excellent experience. The décor of the rooms is incredible. If you bring an independent elite London escort with you here, both of you can enjoy and spend an amazing night together.

Hotel 41

I was delighted when I visited Hotel 41 for the very first time. It is such a fantastic place for a romantic meeting. The interior decoration of this place is luxurious and stylish. The room where I stayed was very comfortable and had everything I needed. Now, I enjoy visiting this hotel with my clients time and time again.

The Savoy

I have to say, The Savoy is a complete package and the experience of staying here will be amazing. The décor of this place is opulent and elegant. You will have no complaints about the food. All in all, the place is ideal for a romantic rendezvous.

Cheval Three Quays

The modern interior of this 5-star hotel is breathtaking. You will enjoy the experience of luxury accommodation within a spacious surrounding here. The service of this hotel is outstanding and it just lays a foundation for a romantic extravaganza.

The Stafford London

The beautiful and elegant interior of this 5-star hotel is amazing. The ambience it creates is very romantic and I have enjoyed great moments with my clients here. It is a special place to make fascinating romantic memories, I believe.

Things We Can Do Together in London

London is a city of romantic adventures. So, if you take me out for a date, here are things that we can do together and make your evening special;

Go for Dinner

I have already given you some of the best places where we can dine. London has plenty of great dining places. So, when we are together, we can go to some of those places and drink, laugh, flirt, and eat together so that we get to know each other better.

Moonlit Walk

What can be more romantic than walking on the empty moonlit roads in London? Yes, this city never sleeps and so, after we finish our dinner, we can walk back to our hotel. As you know, London as a city is quite beautiful during the day time. However, at night, it can get naughty and you will see that when you take a moonlit walk with me.

Dance to the Beats

You will find many places where we can go to have a drink and hit the dance floor. These places are amazing and you will see a different side of my personality when you dance with me. As you know, every human being has different shades in his or her character. Exploring those shades is the reason why we date, isn’t it?

Enjoy a relaxing Spa Day Together

What is better than spending your time together with a beautiful London Independent Escort at a relaxing spa? Let's enjoy our afternoon/evening with a couples massage and a hot steam room or sauna to finish it all off. I believe that this will certainly increase the sexual tension between us!

Explore the City

Now, while exploring my personality, you can decide to explore the city and become a tourist if you don’t have much knowledge about the city of London. I can be your guide and take you to different romantic locations which will reveal different shades of this historic and romantic city.

Let’s Watch a Movie or see a Show

What about watching a movie together? Yes, we can do that either by going to a movie theatre or we can enjoy a romantic movie after coming back to the hotel room while lying on the bed. It will set the tone for our upcoming adventure. I have never seen a show before, and would absolutely love to experience a ballet, opera or dance show.

The Bottom Line

Finally, we can spend quality time in London and never become bored because you can do so many things here. Also, the romantic side of the city will make you fall in love. So, have a companion with you when you visit the great city. If you are coming here alone, as an elite independent courtesan, I am willing to give the companionship you will never forget. When you spend time with Christina Smith, you will remember those moments for a long time.

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