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Confessions of a Elite Travel Escort

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Similar to many London courtesans, I am a travel enthusiast. I feel alive and thrive most when exploring new locations and learning about other cultures. Every stamp in my passport tells a story and holds fond memories.

I have stamps from luxury travels to Egypt, Russia, Germany, The Netherlands, and the Balearic Islands. But there are a few other adventures that were so memorable, they stand out and require further confessions.


As an elite Europe travel escort, I had the great pleasure of seeing Rhodes, Greece. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy the Mediterranean beaches and food? I loved Rhodes for so many reasons and even having visited twice, I know there’s still so much to see and learn about this special place.

I particularly loved Rhodes Old Town; we got lost amid the little streets with all kinds of different shops, leading us to the mysterious bars found within. The nightlife in Rhodes is very classy and sophisticated. The Greeks certainly have style! If you’re looking for a UK escort travel companion to accompany you to Greece, look no further. I’m ready to go!

Highlights of the trips include:

- Rhodes Old Town with it’s sophisticated nightlife and vibrant music

- The private beaches and beautiful weather



Montenegro is one of my favourite FMTY date destinations of all time. The views of the mountains are stunningly breath-taking. I personally enjoy staying at the picturesque Nikki Beach Hotel that has its own private beach and day club. My time there was brief, so I am waiting for the perfect travel companion to take me back.

Highlights include:

- Nikki Beach Hotel & Beach Club’s amazing entertainment

- The beautiful scenery

- 5 star nightlife


Tenerife is a great winter escape for an independent London courtesan. I have been here several times, but I must admit, my last visit was the most memorable. My best friends and I stayed at the most amazing hotel with a rooftop infinity pool and I went on my very first boat trip. We saw dolphins and whales whilst we were voyagin; it made me fall in love with the sea!

Who cares to sail away with me next?

Highlights include:

- The boat expedition and sea life watching

- Visiting the caves of Tenerife

- Nightlife that makes you forget daily struggles and strife

Special Offer for our luxury adventure

As a uk escort travel companion, I have mainly had the good fortune to travel throughout Europe. Exotic locations intrigue and titillate me. I’m ready to explore. Care to join me? It will certainly be worth your while.

The destination topping my travel bucket list has to be Bali. I imagine the two of us on holiday in a beautiful villa in the middle of jungle-like setting; we even have our own pool. It sounds like the perfect balance between relaxation and luxury. A retreat at Capella Ubud would be a dream for us! We’ll swim, siesta and then head to Savaya for a night to remember. A little drink, a little dance, a little romance? The exotic backdrop will rejuvenate you. I will bid you adieu with memories to cherish forever.

The gentleman who whisks me away will be properly rewarded with appreciation in the form of 10% off my usual travel companion rates.

Other destinations on my passport’s wishlist:

- The Maldives

- Hong Kong

- The Caribbean

- Australia

- Switzerland

- Mexico

Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? If you care for a UK escort travel companion, you need look no further. Kindly reference my rates page for FMTY date packages and do not delay when extending your proposal. My diary books quickly and my passport is getting ready to be stamped as we speak!

Bon Voyage, Christina x

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