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How to get the most out of a High Class Escort Experience?

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

You’ve finally booked your first high class London Escort. Read this out to know how to get the best out of your elite escort and have an everlasting premium experience! So you’ve finally managed to check out some elite escorts and booked a date with her. But, now what? In a few days, you’re about to enter the premium club of high profile men who hangout with the most gorgeous ladies of Europe. If this is your first time with such a damsel, fret not. This article will be your perfect guide for such an occasion. I, Christina Smith have been in this industry for almost a decade and I understand that you’ve hundreds of questions and a giddy nervous excitement about this. Give me a few minutes and you’ll have all the much needed suggestions right at your fingertips. I’ve arranged all the necessary checkpoints which you should keep in mind to have an uberly satisfying experience with any independent London escort. Stay squeaky clean and hygienic Nothing beats the first impression of a polished gentleman in fine clothes. When you’re about to go on a date with one of Europe’s finest gems, you surely shouldn’t turn up in your sweaty pyjamas. Take a bath, trim your nails, put on some cologne and present yourself like the gentleman you are. Keep in mind, the lady has perhaps spent hours dressing up just for you and it’s only a gesture of respect to reciprocate the same. But that being said, don’t overdress and come up in a 3 layered suit if you’re meeting at a dance bar. Use your senses, and you’ll do just fine. Stay on schedule Let me start by saying, if you’ve booked a one-hour slot starting at 6 in the evening and you unfortunately show up at 6:45; leave at 7. No matter what, stick to your schedule. You ought to know that your elite companion is a professional who is getting paid by the minute, so it’s your responsibility to not be late. But in case you are, you are the one missing out on the time. Remember she is on the clock, and do not ever ask her to meet for free. That is a line you should never cross. It’s appreciated when you get her a gift If you’ve been in a relationship, you’ll know; Girls absolutely love gifts! It’s not mandatory but getting a small token of appreciation such as a bouquet of flowers or even a bottle of wine helps you secure a seat near the front rows of her heart. Surprises are always adorable but if it is your first time, it’s advisable to discuss the type of gifts; many escorts don’t like wine, many don’t like flowers etc. If you’re in doubt and still want to keep the element of surprise, you can definitely opt for a gift card from Amazon, Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body etc. (Shhh… you can find my wishlist right here *wink wink*) Set your menu right and don’t deviate from it No matter how vanilla we might appear, we all have mind boggling fetishes. More often than not, a British escort is the perfect companion to get your kinky bucket list checked! Hence, discuss with your companion on what will be the dishes for the night. Incorporate your suggestions and with her professional help, extend your boundaries to finally rediscover yourself. But, once the menu is decided, never, ever, EVER think of deviating from it. You must respect her decision and with mutual cooperation you can live an unforgettable night. In case, you’re planning on introducing some undiscussed sexual acts in the heat of the moment, I’d say, steer clear from that thought. More often than not, it’ll be politely rejected and might soil the mood. Therefore, discuss everything beforehand. Never discuss sexual acts or payment related details in person Independent London Escorts are modest ladies with an elite vibe, and I believe, it is never elegant for a gentleman to use venereal vocabulary in public, especially with a prestigious European lady. So it's best to avoid bringing up such topics and since you’ve already discussed everything in advance, there seems to be no reason for repeating the same in public. Hand your payment like a gift We aren’t into this profession for the money, but for the fun and adventure of interacting with diverse groups of people. Hence, try not to hand the money directly to her as you would to any business client, instead set it down in an unsealed envelope where she can see it, or wherever you were told to beforehand (often by the sink in the bathroom). Treat her like a lady You must know that she is a real person and both of you are there for your individual needs. Both of you need each other to have a few moments of unmatched companionship. Hence, treat her like you’d treat an elite lady. Flirt with her, engage with her and never try to place yourself on a higher pedestal than her. Discuss your experiences and lifestyle Don’t be afraid to communicate Talk to her about your lifestyle and how your day goes about. Our elite companions are professionals and they know how to read their clients meticulously. We advise you to share your heart out so that your lady can pick up the cues consciously and give you a custom tailored experience. This will help you to experience a date which is specially made around you, for you. Follow her actions Read her cues. You’re a mature adult. You’ll know when a lady feels uncomfortable and when she’s enjoying herself. Let us suppose, you crack a joke with a sexual innuendo which you thought would be heart winning but instead it crash landed, you must realise the situation and act accordingly. I repeat, we are elite ladies with an open mind, hence treat us exactly the way you’d like to be treated by a beautiful damsel. Don’t overdo yourself I can recall innumerable scenarios when the man tries to “outdo” himself and give a bashing “Johnny Sins” experience. First of all, it's not needed. And second, we are professionals, we’ll know instantly when you’re trying to fake something. So, it is my advice to you, never pretend to be something you are not. You’re a handsome gentleman who deserves a companion like no other, and that’s all we want. It’s cute to end with a warm hug and a lil tip Again, this one is not a compulsion but just a cute gesture which goes a long way. When you book us, you’ll know how invaluable the experience is. We will go out of our ways, but stay in our zones, to give you the best of times. Therefore, it's really cute when you leave us with a warm hug and a lil tip. Be it £1 or £100, the value doesn’t matter; the gesture does :)

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